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Holyrood Academy in Chard

After a long period of discusions, the Academy finally signed conrtacts which were acceptablt to SSCES on September 9th. SSCES, Solarsense (our solar PV supplier) and the school had committed to work closely together and achieved 90 KW of panels installed and working by the end of September. We therefore met the deadline and achieved the higher level of FIT payments. During September, we signed contracts, raised £130,000 and, with the total committed support of our solar panel system installer, SOLARSENSE UK LTD, managed to install the desired number of panels . A remarkable effort by all concerned!

Although the system was commissioned in September 2016, OFGEM were unable to grant their approval (due to their backlog of work) until the spring of 2017. Once we had the go-ahead we fitted an export meter in June 2017.  In October 2017, after 12 months of operation, we conducted a performance review. As a result, we have managed to get the export limitations removed from January 2018.

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