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Summary of SSCES Board Meeting 17th January 2019

The Board met on the 17th January and enjoyed a full and interesting discussion.

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Dear Members,

The Board met on the 17th January and enjoyed a full and interesting discussion.

As per our previous web/social media communication, Niall Clifford resigned as Chair. John Clark chaired this meeting, but John Christmas agreed to take on this role from this point forward.

The Board welcomed a new Director Brian Farrell. Brian joins the Board under Resolution 3*. See our website section “About Us”/“Meet the Team” for an introduction to Brian.

Financially the society is doing well and there is no significant change to the Business Plan. We are currently looking for a community project to invest approx. £30k. We are looking at a number of village halls and working with our supplier SolarSense to review feasibility of a number of sites. We are keen to engage in a new project asap with the FiT due to close on 31st March 2019.

For future projects and to enhance existing installations, we are keen to find out more about battery storage. We are attending various workshops and hoping to build relationships with specialists within this area.

We welcomed Stewart Crocker the Chair and Cara Naden Director of Avalon Community Energy (ACE) to this meeting. They are looking to build stronger relationships with other local societies and work collaboratively. SSCES are keen to build this relationship and the plan is to attend a workshop for all interested parties in the coming months.

* Resolution 3: That authority is given to the Board to issue up to 300 ordinary shares in lots of 25 or more in order to increase the number of active local members. E.g. a maximum of 12 new local members.

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